Additional support - the definition of the Code of Practice (Supporting Children's Learning, 2005) is adopted, according to which additional support is provision which is additional to, or otherwise different from, the educational provision made generally by an education authority for children and young people of the same age in schools (other than special schools) under the management of the education authority.

CHARM - Children at risk of missing out (HMIe report 2006).

Co-ordinated support plan - a statutory strategic planning document to coordinate the provision of services for those children and young people, who meet the criteria, to help them work towards their agreed long-term educational objectives.

Disability - the DDA 2005 definition is adopted, according to which disability is a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person's ability to carry out day-to-day activities.

Holistic - a holistic view is one which addresses the whole child and his/her circumstances rather than focusing on specific isolated aspects.

Individualised Educational Programme - written document which outlines the steps to be taken to help children and young people who have additional support needs to achieve specified learning outcomes.

Integrated Assessment Framework - a common means for all agencies and professionals to assess children’s and young people’s needs and to share information about them in order to ensure that interventions at any level lead to improvements in the child’s or young person’s life.

Looked after children or young people - Children or young people who are accommodated by the local authority; or are subject to one of the specifie orders, including a child protection order; a parental responsibilities order; or are subject to a supervision requirement whilst living at home.

MCMC - More Choices More Chances, a strategy launched by the Scottish Executive in 2006 and focusing on giving young people under 16 years and at the 16-19 years stage, help and support to get into or back into education, employment or training.

Multi-disciplinary - where more than one professional from different disciplines within the same agency work together (e.g. speech therapist and health visitor).

Multi-agency - where professionals from different agencies work together (e.g. teachers and health or social workers).

SPR - standard for Provisional Registration

SFR - standard for Full Regstratlon

SCPL - standard for Career-Long Professional Learning

SLM - standard for Leadership and Management

Transitions - refers to changes in education, for example, starting nursery school, moving from primary to secondary school, transferring schools within or outwith an education authority’s area and transitions from school to further education and adult life.